Wild Cat Necklace

Wild Cat Necklace

Made to order - please allow 2 weeks to ship

Citrine // Powerful cleanser and re-generator
Warming, energizing, and highly creative
Stone of abundance
Happy, generous stone
Encourages self-expression

Peridot // Healing and regenerative stone
Powerful cleanser
Releases and neutralizes toxins
Releases negative patterns and old vibrations

Garnet // Activates other crystals, amplifying their effect
Regenerates the body
Opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence
Powerfully energizing and regenerating stone
Inspires love and devotion

Aquamarine // Stone of courage
Reduces stress and quiets the mind
Calms the mind, removing extraneous thought
Sharpens intellect and clears confusion
Promotes safe travel, especially at sea
Protects from harm

Amethyst // Powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration
Strong healing and cleansing powers
Enhances memory and improves motivation

Product Dimensions
Short Chain Length: adjustable between 16" - 19"
Long Chain Length: adjustable between 27" - 31"
Pendant Width: 3/4"
Pendant Length: 3/4"

For custom orders & inquiries email howl@handleonlywithlove.com

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