Banat Ring

Abundance, fertility, and good fortune are all associated with the bountiful region from which this ring was named. Adorned with three crystals, abundant energy radiates from this piece and invigorates it’s wearer.

Turquoise // Master healer and protector
Neutralizes environment
Dispels negative energy and clears electromagnetic smog
Promotes spiritual attunement and enhances intuition

Garnet // Powerfully energizing and regenerating stone
Inspires love and devotion
Activates other crystals, amplifying their effect
Regenerates the body
Opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence

Citrine // Powerful cleanser and regenerator
Warming, energizing, and highly creative
Stone of abundance
Happy, generous stone
Encourages self-expression

Product Dimensions
Band Width: 1/4"
Head Width: 3/8"

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