If you’re yet to come across the beautiful pieces from H.O.W.L. designed by Tini Courtneythen here’s your opportunity to check them out and find out what drives and inspires the head of the dope jewelry line.

How did you start H.O.W.L.?
I started making jewelry for my friends and I a few years ago as a hobby and it quickly turned into a small business. I would use all of my old, broken jewelry to recreate new pieces, constantly making things for my friends and not really focusing on the business side of things. It wash¹t too long after I had lots of orders for pieces that I realized I could quit my other job and do what I loved. While still focusing on the jewelry, I have been able to travel and explore other outlets to build bigger installations and pieces for homes, restaurants, and other unique places.

What made you gravitate towards jewelry?
I have always worn tons of jewelry, the more the better. It was trouble when I started to make it for myself.

What’s been a highlight for you?
The installation at The Wynwood Walls during Art Basel, taking Peter Frampton¹s old Les Paul guitar frets and creating a line of jewelry for a charity he is involved with, as well as the 15 foot interactive dreamcatcher at Burning Man last year.

Why the name Handle Only With Love?
I had it on the back burner for a while in my journal; it was just the perfect fit with this whole line of jewelry. I bought the domain name immediately when I realized it wasn’t already taken. The tie ins between the dreamcatchers and the Native American influence behind this lifestyle and the pieces created just seemed so seamless.

Who has been wearing your stuff?
When I first launched H.O.W.L., Alessandra Ambrosio wore one of my dream catcher necklaces to Coachella and got photographed all over the place, creating a lot of buzz for HOWL. Since then we¹ve had everyone from Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz and Jemima Kirke, to musicians: Edward Sharpe, Juliette Lewis and Peter Frampton among others.

Signature pieces?
Definitely the dream catcher necklaces. What makes these pieces unique are that people send old treasures or sentimental things to incorporate into something that they can wear all the time.
What piece would you recommend for summer?
Body chains. Lots of different varieties. Clothes or not 🙂

What’s coming up next?
Looking forward to Miami Swim Week, working with some amazing designers for a groovy pool party. Stay tuned.

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