Every week we choose an accessory we've spotted on a celebrity which we're obsessing over.

Last Week: Olivia Palermo's tribal necklace

This Week: Shailene Woodley
Where: "The Spectacular Now" screening in Los Angeles

Accessory We're Coveting: H.O.W.L. dreamcatcher necklace

Why We Want It: It takes us back to our childhood days when we would hang dreamcatchers above our beds.

Earlier this week "The Descendants" actress made headlines for going barefoot on the red carpet (the horror!) and wearing an elegant all-black ensemble that revealed a hint of her tummy.

But the standout (to us, at least) was the "Divergent" star's dreamy H.O.W.L. (Handle Only With Love) dreamcatcher necklace.

Not only does the accessory give us major nostalgia but it's a unique statement piece that holds its own against the understated dress. 
Dreamcatchers, which are traditionally a Native American symbol for unity and protection, became trendy back in the '90s but it seems as if they are once again becoming popular. 

In an interview with Live Fast magazine, the creators behind H.O.W.L. revealed what inspired them to turn dreamcatchers into necklaces:

"We [both] have very similar beliefs to what the Native Americans did along with all of the ancient cultures and tribes of the world. We happened to stumble upon the dreamcatcher and a deep fascination sparked."

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