Along the buzzing hub of Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA there's a little gathering of like-minded creative, entrepreneurial souls working and selling their wares out of what is collectively known as Originally I walked in because I am a massive hat-addict and saw a sign for a hat-maker (side note, check out Nick's amazing bespoke hats HERE ) and once I side-winded past the cereal stand (Another Kind Of Sunrise who we profiled here) through the hat workshop and then out the back an amazing jewellery workshop appeared - showcasing work with crystals, stones, metals & Tini's very own dream catchers.... Then by what I would call fate, not chance - our photographer Maclay Heriot met said jewellery designer Tini when she was out in Australia over the summer and dots were connected and the next time we were in Cali - boom this gorgeous profile was born.

Tell us about your journey to where you are today – were there any milestone events, moments or revelations which lead you to where you are? 

Opening the store was a big deal for me. It was a commitment that I wasn’t sure I was ready for, but definitely the best decision I’ve made so far. Everything just seemed to fall right into place at just the right time. But I guess that’s when you know you’re on the right path.

How did the interest in making jewellery evolve?

I was always that kid with more jewelry then I knew what to do with—costume, designer, things I would find, didn’t matter to me. I would layer everything and anything, the more the better.
I had a friend come stay with me while I was still in school a few years ago and she was crafting away in my living room. I went through all my jewelry boxes and started reworking all of my treasures that I never thought I would be able to untangle. I had no intention of actually making a business out of it until all of my friends started wiping me clean.

Tell us about how you come up with your designs?

I let the materials I use play a huge role in my designs. I never have a plan with the designs; they all kind of evolve themselves. I am very attracted to sacred geometry and powerful shapes. These definitely play into my designs, partly subconsciously. Everything is one of a kind so I am not so keen on creating "collections" it seems too forced for me. I only buy a limited amount of materials at a time so I will use that to create a little family of pieces that will branch off into similar aesthetic, then onto the next.

What type of stones, jewels, crystals, metals do you use and where do you source them from? 

My travels and journeys are a big part of my sourcing; that’s what inspires me to continue creating. Every time I go somewhere I make sure I bring back something with me to create my pieces. Every place has a different energy that I like to reconnect with my jewelry. It all has a story. I don’t like anything to go to waste.

Obviously you feel a connection with wearing/using high vibration objects in your day to day life – tell us about this? 

To be honest, sometimes I don’t even realize how attracted I am to certain pieces. There’s a reason why my entire body is covered in crystals and stones that I never want to take off.

Is there a stone or piece of jewellery in particular you feel has helped you in anyway – or a few that you use or wear for different situations? 

There are a few pieces that I have made that I never take off. I think making them with good intentions they all carry a certain energy that people are attracted to.

And tell us about your dream weavers – where did you learn how to make these?

I pretty much taught myself. My pieces are definitely not typical dream catchers, but very much inspired by. My version of expressing a similar energy that most people can connect with. I am very intrigued by The Native American culture and their belief system. Their connection to the earth and the idea that everything around them is a living, breathing creature fascinates me. Their affinity for nature, animals and natural objects and the tie-in’s to the "real world" inspires me to keep creating.

And what are your personal beliefs about having a dream weaver and their use? 

I believe that the mind is the most powerful source. What you believe and dream will manifest and evolve itself into your life.  Your intention is everything. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things and beautiful minds will create the most beautiful world for you to live in.

Also maybe tell us about your experience at Summit and how you were introduced and some of the amazing/inspiring stories you can sure from it? 

Linking with the summit team has been a real journey . Utah is a magical place that feels like a second home. One of the girls on the team, Jess Berne sought me out and now is one of my dearest friends. Ive spent a lot of time out there in the past six months, creating and building amazing pieces of art that all live there for people to experience. The largest and my personal favorite installation, Crystal Dreams, is a six foot metal dreamcatcher sculpture that hangs above the stairway in their Timberline lodge mid mountain. All of the pieces hanging from this installation are treasures and special findings  that the whole team contributed. From melted wax,  to a porcelain buddha cow, coins, stones, you name it. Crystal dreams is definitely a symbol of my experience. Its large scale and diverse spirit exemplifies the boundless  freedoms I have felt when Creating, learning and growing with the exceptional team and movement that summit embodies.

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